Two Kinds Of Vinyl

There is one kind of vinyl that could go plank. Or plink-plonk. And then there is another kind of vinyl that could have a million and one (good) uses. A million and one (good) people (most probably millions more) have become die-hard or religious collectors of the first kind of vinyl. Not quite millions but more people could be queuing up for luxury vinyl plank in billings mt. This too could have a ‘million and one good uses’.

Most of the time it would be utilised as a form of flooring. It is designed to replicate the more conventional and seemingly more formidable surfaces and looks. For instance, no one can deny that they do not enjoy the aesthetic features and appearances of wood floor surfaces. And yet still. No one can deny that they do not enjoy the archaic nature – or is it austere – and convenience of terracotta tiles. And yet still.

Why is all of this ‘seemingly’? Well, looks can be deceiving as they say, but in the case of vinyl, it turns out to be quite positive indeed. The thing about wood, for instance, is that, whether from a distance or up close and personal, it always seems to have a rather homely appearance. There is a sense of security, but it hardly lasts. Yes, certainly, wood can be preserved. It can be maintained and cared for, but what an effort.

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Truly. You thought terracotta tiles could go one better than wood? Think again because you might be surprised to learn how easily terracotta tiles break. Maintenance and cleaning work notwithstanding. But all things being told, vinyl trumps. Vinyl comes up trumps against terracotta and wood. It is much easier to clean and it can take the wear.